Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Investing in top-line machinery and equipment, our product are finished with speed and quality craftsmanship.


High-Energy Laser Cutting Machine

We are capable to work virtually in all materials with various thicknesses at an exceptional fast speed. We can achieve more applications with complicated designs or high density patterns that are apparent in many manufactured components. Our laser cuts are of high positional accuracy .


Automatic Cutting Machine

This machine is used to cut Plywood, MDF, Acrylic and Solid Top. The maximum cutting size can go up to 3000mm x 3000mm. It guarantees accuracy on the needed materials.


Sticker Cutting Machine

The sticker cutting machine is able to cut out a wide range of shape according to the design. This will help us to cut down the cost as we do not need to tap a third party contractor.


Painting Room

We have our very own painting room and team, who specialized on this. With our very own painting room, we are ble to cut down the cost for the clients and ensures the quality of the product.


Acrylic Diamond Polisher

Benefits of diamond polishing:

• Highly quality, uniform edges that are usually associated with premium products
• Scratch free
• We provide advanced polishing treat-ments for your acrylic
• Our polishing techniques are so exact that you are left with a near-mirrored finish.


Acrylic Bending Machine

The bending machine ensures that acrylic is accurate at a certain degree of curve, as needed. It also helps to cut down manpower


CNC Carpentry Engraving Machine

Tne CNC Engraving Machine has almost the same purpose and function as the laser cutting machine. However, this machine is more specialized in wood.


Tech Z5 3D Machine

Ideal solution to machine the sectioned panel and with devices, as it allows solid wood machining as well. Time and resources is optimized through this machine.

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